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True North

LILA’s True North Program matches consumers who are experiencing a mental health disability with Peer Support Specialists to help consumers identify their goals and mentor them as they navigate their unique path toward recovery.

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Peer Support Specialists:

  • Through their lived experience, PSS provides a unique opportunity to assist/support others on their own recovery journey. The Peer Recovery Model recognizes that we are all individuals and encourages people to find their own paths to healing and independence.

Program Eligibility:

  • Consumers who self-identify with mental health disabilities and have limited natural supports.

Program Services:

  • Connects consumers one-on-one with a Peer Support Specialist (PSS)

  • PSS and consumer will work together to determine needed types of services and goals, and how best to attain them

  • Ongoing relationship with the consumer for as long as required by the consumer

  • Telephone check-ins as needed for additional wellness support. 

This program will work in concert with other LILA programs:

  • PSS will also refer consumers to other LILA programs as needed (Benefits Planning,
    Housing Information, Social Security issues, Peer Support Club, Transportation, ADA

Expectations of Consumer:

  • Keep in regular contact with PSS and show up to appointments

  • Follow through on steps to attain goals

  • Respect boundaries agreed to with PSS in the community

LILA services are at no cost to the consumer

How to access True North Services:

Call LILA at 541-607-7020 and leave a voicemail for the True North program, giving return contact information. A PSS will return the call as soon as possible to set up an initial appointment. Email and request an initial appointment with the True North program, giving return contact information.

  • Emotional support as well as access to community resources

  • PSS will work with consumers to explore their priorities

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