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LILA Programs

LILA is a cross-disability, consumer-driven resource, and advocacy center. Our goal is to help people with disabilities achieve as much choice, access, inclusion, and independence as possible. We invite you to learn more about the many programs LILA offers. Working together, we can break down societal barriers so that all people with disabilities are free to fulfill their potential.

Disability Navigator Program

Disability Navigator Program

Disability Navigators: 
1) Assist consumers to use available job readiness resources
2) Provide information and referrals to programs, services, and resources
3) Help consumers understand Social Security and other benefits, and the effect of employment on benefits.

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LILA Accessible Mental Health Program

LILA Accessible Mental
Health Program


Through a referral from a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, LILA offers one-on-one counseling, life coaching, and classes, such as Eliminating Self-Defeating Behavior, Disability Management, and Assertiveness Training.

Provides mental health survivors with a safe place to gather for socialization, an opportunity for peer support, and various classes, groups, and activities that lead to greater self-sufficiency, self-expression, and personal growth. Located at 990 Oak Street (corner of 10th & Oak).

Visit us on Facebook Or scan QR code for further information:

Social Security Administration (SSA) Services
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Are you contemplating applying for SSI/SSDI Benefits? Do you know if you are eligible? Are you unsure what to do next? Call and leave a message with your contact information, indicating SSA services are required. There is usually a 3-4 week wait list.

Provides peer-delivered, recovery-oriented support services for anyone identifying as having a mental health challenge or seeking support in accomplishing their life goals surrounding recovery.

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Work Incentives Network (WIN)
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Benefits counseling for consumers with disabilities. Information to help understand what impact returning to work may have on benefits. The first step is to contact the WIN Help Desk on 800-661-2571.

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